Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about DYNAMIC Drives Giessen. If the answer you’re looking for is not included, just write to us!

What happens after my inquiry?

We will review the inquiry and get in touch with the appropriate contact person.

When can I place an order for a vehicle?

Inquiries or orders can now be made via the inquiry form or through our Cargobike configurator.

When will ordered vehicles be delivered?

The delivery of vehicles depends on the offered delivery time, which we will inform you about upon inquiry.

Can I order vehicles for commercial use?

Yes! Our INTELECTRIC drive components and INTELECTRA Cargobikes are specifically designed for pedal-based mobility for professional applications. The pedelec is well suited for applications in the courier-express-parcel industry (CEP), the crafts industry, service providers, laboratories & pharmaceuticals, catering, and passenger transport. Take advantage of our benefits and check the B2B user box in the inquiry form. We look forward to your inquiry.

Is an inquiry also possible for private use?

Yes! Whether it’s moving, a trip to the wholesale market, or a ride to the lake – with our agile e-cargo bike, everyone reaches their destination according to e-bike standards – whether on the road or the bike path. Benefit from our advantages and check the Private User box in the inquiry form. We look forward to your order.

Can I order spare parts (re)order?

Spare parts can be delivered upon request.

How much does a cargo bike cost?

Our e-cargobike starts at EURO 8,199.00*. For a more precise price, you can use our E-Cargobike configurator or make an inquiry.

Can I test ride a DDG cargo bike?

Of course! Experience our e-cargobikes with Serial Hybrid Drive for yourself and get in touch with us. Test rides will be available from July 2024. Further information is available upon request.

How heavy is an e-cargo bike?

The INTELECTRA Cargobike L weighs 122 kg empty (without battery and rider), while the INTELECTRA Cargobike XL weighs 133 kg.

Is an e-cargo bike environmentally friendly?

Yes, our INTELECTRA e-cargo bikes are environmentally friendly as they are operated purely electrically with our Serial Hybrid Drive and produce no emissions. They can help reduce traffic and improve air quality. Furthermore, in the development, we placed great emphasis on an open modular concept with many common parts and interface compatibility. This allows us to significantly reduce materials, costs, and especially emissions.

How fast can a cargo bike go?

With our INTELECTRA Cargobikes, you can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h according to e-bike standards.

What is the maximum payload capacity for cargo bikes?

Our pedelecs can be loaded with a payload of up to 400 kg.

What are the advantages of an e-cargo bike?

The INTELECTRA Cargobikes are very similar to cars in terms of strength. The four-wheel design is very stable yet agile, and with our innovative, modern INTELECTRIC drive system, it provides a particularly pleasant driving experience. The purely electric drive is maintenance-free and offers significantly simplified servicing.

How should I clean/not clean the cargo bike?

Generally, no special cleaning agents are required. It’s best to wipe off dirt with a damp sponge and rinse with clear water. When cleaning, avoid using high-pressure cleaners or steam jets. Additionally, our e-pedelecs are not suitable for cleaning in car washes.

Can components be customized to suit my requirements?

INTELECTRIC components can be customized upon request to meet customer needs. However, as this is time-consuming and costly, it is only possible for larger quantities.

What is a Serial Hybrid System (SHS)?

The INTELECTRIC Serial Hybrid System (iSHS) consists of a series of components: Generator (iGEN), control units, and a vehicle control unit (iVCU), responsible for calculating commands for driving the motors (iM) via the motor control units (iMCU). The battery (iB) serves as an energy source and storage, powering the 48-volt energy level. Simultaneously, the battery recaptures energy during braking (regeneration). The clever part: the mechanical input from a rider is transmitted to the wheel without a mechanical connection!

What is the DDG cargo bike with Serial Hybrid Drive used for?

The INTELECTRA cargo bike is designed for a wide range of applications in urban areas. It saves time in city traffic and makes finding parking easier. It helps you transport heavy loads more easily and supports you with an electric motor while riding, which is particularly helpful on inclines, and the push function gives you extra assistance when pushing off. With powerful batteries, you are also ideally equipped for longer distances.

How long does the battery of an e-cargo bike last?

After just a few hours, your DDG cargo bike is fully ready for use again. Depending on the battery configuration, you can charge the battery at an external charging station or a Schuko household socket. The battery life depends on the battery size, the weight of the load, and the terrain. On average, you can travel up to 93 km on a single battery charge. All information and conditions regarding the AES SuperPack battery can be found at www.swobbee.de

How can I secure the DDG cargo bike?

The INTELECTRIC drive system can be activated or the vehicle can be secured against theft in seconds using RFID technology.

How are children safely transported in a cargo bike?

Children are secured with 5-point harness systems. These belts are adjustable to accommodate the child’s size. Make sure the belts are snug but still comfortable for your child. We are currently working on suitable accessories.

Is there a wind and rain protection available?

As accessories, we offer cover plates or a tent attachment upon request, which protect the loading area and especially your cargo from wind and weather.

What transport systems fit in the loading area?

The loading area provides plenty of space for all common transport boxes and systems. For example, the short INTELEKTRA Cargobike L can be loaded with 6, and the large Cargobike XL can even accommodate 8 Euro crates (60x40x32 cm).

How can the cargo be secured in the loading area?

The large loading area offers ample storage space. To ensure everything is securely transported, various threaded adapters with hammer nuts can be screwed onto the upper profile, on all sides, and on the floor unit, allowing for individual adjustments. Whether it’s straps, ropes, or other securing methods – everything fits securely.

Can a child seat be integrated into the cargo bike?

We are working to soon integrate child seats with ISOFIX into our e-cargo bike.

What service options are available?

As a service, you can choose between a Basic and a Premium package. Our Basic service package includes competent customer support. With the Premium package, maintenance is additionally included.

How can I report issues with the cargo bike?

For questions and issues with your cargo bike, you can contact us via the contact form.



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